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The wayfarer new Ray Ban sunglasses utilizes the new technology if injection molding, a process to manufacture sunglasses at reduced costs hence consumers need not fret about the overpriced values of these products. Nevertheless, the incline in costs does not make it affecting its quality as the 2132 model comes with double cam hinges, universally recognizable emblem at the temples and the right lens. The lenses are still of optimum quality in banishing UV rays. In addition to the newer modern designs, Fake Ray Bans the Ray Ban 2132 wayfarer come in a wide series of vibrant colors, catching the eyes of mostly the youths due to the interpretation of playful yet classic essence. It works perfectly well on the face of the entire community, either aged, young or even the mischievous children. It is certainly a must-have item during your vacation, especially those that dominates journey on foot. With the introduction of this new 2132, it sure to become the role model of the current seasonal trend. However, due to the prominence and high reputation of this company, there are many mock versions of the new sunglasses. You could easily avail the imitated sunglasses in the market, sold at indisputably low prices. Those who are captivated by the Ray Ban designs yet could not afford the bill would opt for the fake ones although it is easy to distinguish the original from the replica ones. For the price it offers, it certainly is worth the product so for the sake of originality and quality, try to avoid buying the counterfeit models.

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Bell-bottoms, straight bangs , shutters glasses , today, take a look at these once-popular but now the tide is really incredible to look back will want to tear up the old photographs . ? no.1 flared trousers bell bottoms can be said that in the history of British fashion a dead dandelion - every time you think it has been drifting away , but the seeds were spread by surprise back. Popular bell-bottoms began in the mid 19th century sailor pants. Waisted wide trousers , three rows of buttons on the belly of the image at that time a symbol of the vitality of the sea . The bell-bottoms of the low tide came a bit late , probably in 1967 , hippies will have colorful bell bottoms and tie-dye mix together compassionate hands with all kinds of beads, day and night and then starting a hallucinogenic drug numb yourself. And after that, flared trousers cowboy type pants damp again in the early 2000s . flared trousers as everyday dress actually has a fatal flaw , demanding on the body . oakleys outlet Because it not only failed to highlight the fine leg silhouette , and too much emphasis on the thigh , the general body of the woman wearing almost always turn into an elephant legs. But this does not prevent it in the 90's "rebirth " in the disco era not just put on a bell-bottoms are embarrassed to go out to see people. Today advise on with no considerable experience of you , nothing better not challenge flared trousers . no.2 Shades Glasses Origins This is similar to the popular spectacle blinds that hip-hop singer kanye west "stronger" this mv, mv , he took in the middle of a white gap glasses mad tyrants pull to rap , and many times during live perf

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The pace of development of networking technology over people's imagination , and now your alarm clock , coffee maker are able to get online , then what will happen next ? Relevant market research firm believes that in 2025 , networking technology will be reflected in all aspects of our lives , in the form of a variety of equipment will also be more perfect, people will fully accept the changes brought by the Internet of Things . Below, a look at what the future might be a physical network . ? 1. Google glasses become a commercial tool Belgian smartpick company committed to the development of intelligent Google glasses and other eyewear products applications in the commercial sector , is expected to achieve better business management needs. The system is developed based on Google glasses , glasses can be obtained through the identification code order data , thereby reducing the error rate of 60 percent and 25 percent of production efficiency. 2. compact and has uninterrupted energy smart glasses tzukuri 's Bluetooth sunglasses as the sun looks like an ordinary fashion , it is unique in that the built- in low -power Bluetooth chip and solar cell , all without charge . Sunglasses also offers a mobile application that can monitor the distance between the phone and glasses , once beyond will send notifications and alerts. Apparently, Google 's smart glasses glasses due to appearance , privacy and other issues, is more suitable for business ; and tzukuri consumer is smart glasses gave a new direction. 3. cheap things dedicated wifi? Things foundation is wifi and internet access , but w

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Founded in 1958 kaneko optical ( gold glasses ) has been interested in " hand-made glasses ," the influx of men who are very familiar with, it 's the Thai Hachiro , bamboo long soldiers , Sasaki with the city , Yamazaki constant eye, well households more handsome and so a series of hand-made frames staff person brand, which is the plate glasses with influx of people must become the instigator . Gold glasses and other fashion brands cooperation models, has always been sought after hot spots, the following Xiaobian to introduce in 2012 two new models of cooperation gold glasses . ? uniform experiment x kaneko optical uniform experiment x kaneko optical Japanese hand-made glasses full of old school retro Further reading marc by marc jacobs sunglasses launch green Although the fashion world is inevitable pompous affectation , but a lot of times , this circle will still bring positive energy . fake oakleys Recently, Vice-line marc jacobs launch a model for mmj 261 / s sunglasses. The glasses and other eyewear is no different in appearance , but still have a green inner "core ."
marc by marc jacobs green sunglasses
< dd> marc by marc jacobs green sunglasses
The chocolate -colored glasses manufactured from castor oil extracted from the seeds of the material , temples decorated with three-dimensional texture of the leaves , and choose reusable packaging carton fashion leather made ?, marc jacobs effort truth about recycling achieve positive real home. The aim is for the Nature Conservancy (the nature conservancy) to provide full support fake oakleys.

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May 9, 2012 international high-end eyewear chain brand lenscrafters LensCrafters China 's first flagship store shine landed fashion landmark in Shanghai Huaihai Road , a famous film star Mr. Chen Kun offered his congratulations , to commemorate the opening of new stores, Lenscrafters special cooperation with the Japanese handmade eyewear brand ka-ne introduction of limited edition gold handmade custom glasses . ? Located in prime commercial area of ?Shanghai Huaihai Road, LensCrafters flagship store covers an area of ?about 135 square meters , divided into two layers . Flagship store concept in international professional customers to create exclusive private customized services , depending on the needs of our customers recommend suitable lens technology and frame styles, tailored private eye care plan includes a comprehensive eye examination , including .
 LensCrafters Shanghai flagship store
LensCrafters flagship store in Shanghai
To celebrate the opening of its first flagship store on Huaihai Road , LensCrafters as a Japanese handmade eyewear brand ka-ne only designated global retailers, the exclusive release of the ka-ne hand for gold products, including three entirely from yellow k gold k white gold or fine hand-tailored options and provide customers with unique and advanced customization services.
 Edward ka-ne signature hand-made gold glasses fake Oakley sunglasses
Edward ka-ne signature hand-made gold glasses
Mr. Chen Kun became the first LensCrafters ka-ne advanced customization to the customer and the opening scene with elegant and stylish sunglasses ka-ne modeling debut .  Chen Kun and CEO frederic seill
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Glasses look more intelligent gentleman is learning how to take

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Wear a good pair of shoes to walk the world, wear glasses to see the world more clearly. Development today, the glasses are not simply personal necessities , which reflects the macro social civilization and progress , microscopic to personally embodies the wearer's personality and identity , it is no exaggeration to say that people can have through it to discover a state and national ideology , beliefs , values, moral standards , customs and other cultural characteristics, which I am afraid is the inventor of unexpected thing. ?
comedian ronnie corbett
As a comedian , who is amused by all of the props , including the eyes, face , clothing , and even glasses. ronnie corbett body suit and a blue shirt and yellow checkered and spherical printing Sipa , already lively enough , plus a funky retro big tortoiseshell glasses, even humor .
1 Swiss writer friedrich derenmatt
classic style, but also the influx of people love , the heart , but not enough young people to wear , let alone that he did not choose to tie scarves way of dressing , are all explained : Grandpa , you have an unruly heart, scarf and glasses disclose your little secret.
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2 jazz musician billy taylor
pair of glasses can not help but reminiscent of the 1960's and 1970 's American films , on stage screaming attracted the audience to sway young jazz singers , super exaggerated big stones inlaid metal rimmed supplemented , see also failed to make the passage to hang some of these former star who change their taste hobby.